Disney’s Bambi Word Search Puzzles

Bambi Word Search And Puzzles

Here is a set of word puzzles designed with the words and sentences picked up from the story Bambi, which was produced by the prestigious Walt Disney Productions. These word puzzles are easy and printable. Worry not; if you get stuck somewhere while solving them, the solutions for each of them are given.

The story of Bambi starts during that time a year between the winter and summer, i.e., spring. The flowers begin to bloom, and the animals begin to breed. During the same course of time, a deer gives birth to a fawn and names him Bambi. The animals in the forest are excited to welcome him and celebrate the latest birth of other animals in the forest. Bambi is the successor for the rule of forest and hence considered prince. Bambi has got a few friends of his age, a few of them being a rabbit kit named Thumper, a flower, a baby skunk. Being different beings, the phases of life for each of the animals in the forest might be different. The story continues with Bambi understanding the inherent dangers and obstructions that he will have to face while growing up and for taking up a charge as the prince for the forest.

Easy Bambi Word Search Puzzle

Here is a word search puzzle featuring a list of words related to the movie Bambi. There are 15 words arranged in this grid. Make sure to find and circle all of them so you can differentiate your answers from the rest of the grid. The words hidden in this word search are Bambi, Thumper, Flower, Owl, Faline, Love, Bunny, Pheasant, Forest, Possum, Rabbit, Duck, Skunk.

Easy Bambi word search

Easy Bambi word search answers are attached here for you to use.

bambi word search answers

Bambi Quotes Scramble Puzzle

The character of Thumper in the story of Bambi is designed in such a way that he keeps teaching the watchers about various aspects of leading a good life taught by his father. Here is a Bambi-themed sentence scramble curated using a few dialogues and life lessons from our beloved thumper and other characters in the story. The number of sentences you need to unscramble is 4.

Bambi dialogues sentence scramble puzzle

Bambi sentence scramble answers are attached here for you to use.

Bambi dialogues sentence scramble puzzle answers

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