Time For Tea Word Search Puzzles

Time For Tea Word Search and Fallen Phrase

Here is a curation of Time For Tea Word Search Puzzles with Time for Tea words. This bundle also contains Time for Tea word search answers for you to easily check for the correct answers. Be quick to solve this Time for Tea word search and test your love for language and Time for Tea now!

Time for Tea is an Album by 11 Acorn Lane which was released in 2015 on Wooden Hat (catalog no. WHR0034; CD). The main genre of this album is electro-swing. Time For Tea is 11 Acorn Lane’s sixth album for the Wooden Hat label which was out on February 10, 2015, with 13 tracks including the cheerful 1920s-inspired sounds of “Perfect,” with its tuba bassline; the humorous title track; and the infectiously happy “Lucky Day.” If you enjoy swing and electro music, this album is a great addition to your collection. With a light-hearted and upbeat style, you’ll find yourself humming the tunes and tapping your foot into the music!

Time For Tea Songs Word Search Puzzle

The time for tea album was released with a collection of total of 13 songs. The songs and rhythms in the album are happy-making and even contagious.

Here, you’ve been provided with the list of 13 songs from the album Time For Tea which includes,

Lucky Day

Mr Mambo


Let’s Face It I’m Cute

In Aisle Three

Time For Tea

Sugar And Cream

Horsey In The Sleepsack

Spend My Time With You


Swing Thing

Leafblower Blues

Haystack Monster

These songs from time for tea album have been arranged in the word search puzzle given below in all possible directions. Try it out yourself!

time for tea songs word search puzzle


Time for tea songs word search key has been provided for you to cross-check.

time for tea songs word search puzzle solution

Time For Tea Song Lyrics Fallen Phrase

The letters of lyrics from time for tea song on the board fell on the ground. You have to put the letters back on the board in the correct order to unveil the meaningful lyrics from the song time for tea . Luckily the letters fell directly under the column as they were on the board.

These letters are a part of very famous lyrics from the time for tea song.

time for tea lyrics fallen phrase

Here’s the time for tea song lyrics fallen phrase answer for your convenience.

time for tea lyrics fallen phrase solution

Hope you had fun while solving these time for tea word search puzzles. Stay tuned as more interesting and informative puzzles are coming your way!

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