Ancient Egypt Word Search

Ancient Egypt Word Search

The ruling and the social structure followed during ancient Egypt was theocratic monarchy i.e; there were only one religion and one king that advocates the faith only in the Egyptian gods. There was an Afro-Asiatic language that was used to communicate and the trade between the people of ancient Egypt was based on farming, manufacture of ceramics, cosmetics, etc. Did you know that the people of ancient Egypt had a lot of games and music to pass time?

These ancient Egypt-themed word search puzzles might lead you to know more about the era of ancient Egypt, or just to have fun, or to teach your kids or students about the history of Egypt. These puzzles are free and printable. You can now go and have a small virtual tour of ancient Egypt through our word search puzzles. Happy puzzling!!

Ancient Egypt Word Search 1

Here is a word search puzzle featuring a few words related to ancient Egypt’s government and social structure. The words hidden in this word hunt are pharaoh, scribe, soldier, merchant, craftsmen, farmer, slave, Egypt, social, vizier, temple, crops, nobles, priests, authority, tut, government, official. The number of words is eighteen. Mind you that the words are hidden in all directions, even in reverse.

Use this ancient Egypt word search to teach your students or kids of fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh grades.

Ancient Egypt Word Search 2

Here is the solution for the same.

Ancient Egypt Word Search 2 Solution

Ancient Egypt Word Search 2

Here is a word search puzzle for you to let you know about different activities that took place during ancient Egypt, the religion, the culture, and the structure of the society during ancient Egypt. Watch out for the words hidden in the reverse direction as well.

The words hidden in this word search grid are afterlife, burial, Cleopatra, desert, dynasty, edict, Egypt, fertile, flood, Giza, god, gold, hieroglyphics, history, ink, irrigation, isis, jewelry, kingdom, mummy, Nile, papyrus, pharaoh, pyramid, Ramesses, reed, ruler, sand, sarcophagus, scribe, scroll, sphinx, symbol, temple, tomb, trade, Tutankhamun, vizier. The number of words hidden is thirty-eight.

Ancient Egypt Word Search 1

The answer key for the puzzle is here for you to crosscheck.

Ancient Egypt Word Search 1 Solution

Ancient Egypt Word Search 3

Here is a puzzle with ancient Egypt as its theme that can let you know about the religion, trade, traditions, geography, and history of ancient Egypt. This word search puzzle is suitable for second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth-grade students.

Ancient Egyptian Word Search 3 Solution


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