Camping Word Search Puzzles

Camping Word Search Puzzles

Our set of Camping word search puzzles is a great way to indulge yourself in a fun camping-themed activity. The man who invented the concept of camping was a British traveler, named Thomas Hiram Holding. He wrote “The Camper’s Handbook” in the year 1908, in which he wrote about his love for camping outdoors. Camping was considered contemporary to the concept of pleasure boating in London. It was highly popularised in the United Kingdom as a recreational outdoor activity where you stay overnight away from your home in tents and camps, prepare food yourself, enjoy some warm bonfire, have fun and get back home.

These word search puzzles with camping as their themes are free for you to print, just to have fun, or learn what involves in camping, or even teach your children or students about what goes into camping equipment right before you take them out for camping. Happy puzzling and happy camping!

Camping Word Search Puzzle 1

Camping is always fun. Unlike Thomas Hiram, you don’t have to be a traveler or an author to experience the fun of camping. Use our word search puzzles with a camp classy character theme to have fun on a holiday or use them as worksheets for your students.

The words hidden in this word search puzzle are camp, caring, character, citizenship, classy, classy, classy, fairness, kindness, respect, responsibility, trustworthiness. The number of words for you to hunt is twelve.

This word search puzzle is suitable for students of third, fourth, fifth, sixth grades.

Camping Word Search 1

The solution for the word search puzzle is here for you to check for the answers.

Camping Word Search 1 Solution

Camping Word Search Puzzle 2

Let’s go camping!!! But a virtual one for this time. Find the words in the puzzle related to camping and circle them in the grid. The words hidden in the grid are bears, pool, fire, lake, playground, murphy, picnic, lantern, ball, stars, chipmunk, fishing, river, frogs, bicycles, camping, tent, marshmallows, hike. The number of words you need to hunt is nineteen. Find them all and finish this puzzle.

Camping Word Search 2

The solution for this word search puzzle is attached here for your use.

Camping Word Search 2 Solution

Camping Word Search Puzzle 3

This camping-themed word search puzzle is a fun and interesting way to teach your students or kids about camping. This word search puzzle features a list of words related to the geographical elements we come across during camping, the animals we usually see, a few things that are mandatory for you to carry while you go to a camp.

The words hidden in the grid are backpack, bears, birds, camping, canoe, deer, fishing, forest, hiking, kayak, lake, mountains, nature, raccoon, ranger, river, scenery, squirrel, summer, trails, trees, waterfall, wilderness, wildlife. The number of words is twenty-four.

Camping Word Search 3

The answer key for the word search puzzle above is here for you to check if your answers are right.

Camping Word Search 3 Solution

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