Chess Word Search Puzzles

Chess Word Search Puzzles

Here is a set of Chess game Word Search Puzzles that are useful when you have a question of how to get better at chess in mind. These word search puzzles are made with different themes and difficulty levels so that they suit people of different age groups. A fun fact about chess for you!! It was Indians who invented chess in the 6th century AD. It was initially called Chantrang and later became Shatranj as it spread to Persia.

A chessboard consists of 32  chess pieces, 16 on each side of the board. There are many platforms online like websites and mobile applications that provide chess games that you access. But nothing beats the experience of having a physical touch on the chessboard!! Make sure to use our word puzzles to memorize chess rules and chess pieces.

Chess Pieces Word Search Puzzle

Here is a Chess Pieces Word Search puzzle featuring names of the chess pieces on a chessboard. This small-sized word search puzzle has 10 words of which 7 are the names of chess pieces and the remaining are the words related to a chess game.

The words hidden in this word search are chess, white, black, square, king, queen, rook, bishop, knights, pawn. Watch out for the words hidden in diagonal and reverse directions.

Chess Pieces Word Search

Chess pieces word search answers are here for you to crosscheck.

Chess Pieces Word Search Solution

Chess Champions Word Search Puzzle

As the name reveals, this Chess Champions Word Search Puzzle is designed using the names of 10 chess champions that are renowned across various regions of the world.

The words hidden in this chess champions word search online are Veselin, Anatoly, Juwen Jun, Fischer, Emanuel, Magnus, Ruslan, Antoaneta, Wilhelm, Viswanathan. Search for the names of chess champions in all directions including the reverse direction.

Chess Champions Word Search

Chess Champions Word Search Answers are here for your convinience.

Chess Champions Word Search Solution

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