Cooking Terms Word Search

Cooking Terms Word Search

Our set of Cooking Terms Word Search puzzles are curated with care and efforts for you to help your children or students at school to learn that cooking is not gender-specific. Did you know that cooking was first started by Homo erectus which means a man with an erect spinal cord? Till then the man was surviving on raw meat for survival. Cooking for yourself on a lazy day or for someone you love is the most satisfying thing to do. Let us not confine it to just women!!!

Try our puzzles with different themes like the methods used in cooking, the general vocabulary used in a kitchen while cooking, etc. These puzzles are free of cost and easily printable. Use them as worksheets or just to have fun on a weekend with family and friends.

Some more fun coming up for you with food-related themes!!

Ice Cream Word Search

Pizza Word Search

Methods Of Cooking Word Search

Just cooking isn’t enough!! Knowing various methods of cooking is important too to explore different dishes. Here is a word search featuring 10 different methods used in cooking. The words are arranged in vertical, horizontal, diagonal, and also in reverse direction. The words hidden in the grid are grilling, roasting, stewing, steaming, baking, simmering, frying, blahing, poaching, braising.

This word search puzzle is suitable for students of 4th grade and above.

Methods Of Cooking Word Search

Methods of cooking word search answers are attached here for you.

Methods Of Cooking Word Search Solution

Cooking Terms Word Search

Here is a word search puzzle featuring words used in cooking. The number of words is 18. The words hidden in the grid are cook, dish, fork, meat, boil, protein, knife, spoon, ginger, pastry, butter, fry, roast, tamarind, bake, chef, vinegar, honey.

Watch out for the words hidden in all directions. This is suitable for kids of 1st grade and above till 5th grade.

Cooking Terms Word Search

Cooking terms word search answers are here for your convenience.

Cooking Terms Word Search Solution


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