Disney Fantasia Activitites

Disney Fantasia Activities

Fantasia is an animated movie produced by Walt Disney Pictures featuring several characters created by Disney such as Mickey Mouse. Here are some Disney Fantasia Activities made with different themes related to Fantasia movie into different types of word puzzles and picture puzzles like word searches, crossword puzzles, connect the dot puzzles, sentence scramble puzzles, etc. Make sure to use these activities for your kids or students at school to take them into a world of fantasy. By the way, the fantasia 1940 worksheet answers are provided.

Fantasia Movie Description

Fantasia 1940 is the third animated movie produced by Walt Disney Pictures. A major portion of Fantasia movie depicts some of the most beautiful western classical songs performed by Leopold Stokowski at his very own Philadelphia concert like “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” which highlights Mickey Mouse as a hopeful performer who exceeds his cutoff points. “The Rite of Spring” recounts the narrative of development, from single-celled creatures to the demise of the dinosaurs. “Dance of the Hours” is a comic expressive dance performed by ostriches, hippos, elephants, and crocs, etc. Well, if you ask us how old is fantasia, the answer is a whopping eighty years. Make sure to use our word puzzles to know more about this Disney classic.

Fantasia Movie Word Search

Here is a Fantasia Movie Word Search featuring words related to the Fantasia movie. This Disney animated movie word search has got 15 words arranged in different directions. Look keen for the words hidden in reverse and diagonal directions.

The fifteen words used for curating this word search printable are earthquake, Bacchus, pegasus, unicorn, fairies, goblins, demons, ghosts, volcanoes, ostriches, mickey mouse, alligators, centaurs, brooms, dinosaurs.

Fantasia Movie Word Search

Fantasia movie word search answers are provided here for your to crosscheck if the answers are correct.

Fantasia Movie Word Search Solution

Fantasia Sentence Scramble ( Fantasia Songs )

Fantasia songs are quite enjoyable. Here is a Fantasia Sentence Scramble designed using the lyrics of fantasia songs. Make sure to unscramble the lyrics and write the answers for them in the space provided.

Fantasia Sentence Scramble

Fantasia sentence scramble answers are attached here for your convenience.

Fantasia Sentence Scramble Solution

Fantasia Connect The Dots

This can be one of the best fantasia classroom activities for your children or students at school. Use this Fantasia connect the dots as a fun and interesting activity for little kids to improve their imagination. Make sure to follow the numbers allotted to each dot and find who is hidden in the picture!!

Fantasia Connect The Dots

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