Easy Summer Word Search

Easy Summer Word Search

Use our summer word search puzzle to reinforce learning from the academic year. Summer is the season between spring and autumn when the weather is the hottest. Kids will have fun looking for the words hidden in the grid during their summer vacation or on a weekend.

Summer is all about holidays, camps, beaches, cold drinks, and ice creams!! Add our set of word search puzzles featuring various words related to the season and the activities we usually do during summers, to the list of fun activities to be done this summer.

Happy Summers to you !!

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Easy Summer Word Search 1

Here is a word search puzzle with eight words to find for your kids. Have fun finding the words hidden in forward and downward direction. The words hidden in the grid are beach, camp, fun, hot, summer, sun, swim, water. The level of difficulty for this word search puzzle is easy. Use them just to have fun or as worksheets for your kindergarten, first, second, third grade students to introduce them to a few words related to the summer season.

easy summer word search

Here is the solution for the puzzle in case your kids need it.

easy summer word search solution

Easy Summer Word Search 2

This medium-sized word activity is easy to solve and can be used as worksheets for your students or kids at home. The words hidden in this summer-themed word search puzzle are watermelon, heat, road trip, daisy, outdoors, camping, backpack, waterpark, recreation, airconditioner, vacation, holiday, sunflower, sunny, tan, icecream, bikini. The number of words hidden in the grid for you is seventeen.

Easy Summer Word Search 2

Given below is the solution for the word search puzzle so you can crosscheck with your answers.

Easy Summer Word Search 2 Solution

Easy Summer Word Search 3

This word search puzzle is a great way for kids to have fun while strengthening reading and spelling abilities and getting ready for summer vacation! The words hidden in the puzzle are barbeque, baseball, beach, beach ball, camping, fireworks, hot dogs, ice cream, ocean, popsicle, sand, sandcastle, seashells, sea star, summer, sun, swimming, vacation, water balloon

This puzzle uses a 15 x 15 grid with words relating to summer with a beach and barbecue theme. Words read from left to right and top to bottom, with a few diagonals reading from left to right. It should be challenging but not too difficult for most 3rd- and 4th grade students.

Summer word search - 3 and 4 grades


The answer key for the same is attached here.


summer word search 3 and 4 grades solution

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