Gemstones Word Search Puzzles

Gemstones Word Search Puzzles

This set of Gemstones Word Search Puzzles can be one of the most interesting and engaging word search ideas. Each of the word search puzzles is made with different themes like the top ten gemstones in the world, list of gemstones, etc. These downloadable word search puzzles can be freely accessed. Also, the answers for each of them are attached.

A gem is a part of a mineral rock that is cut and polished to form a definite shape and is wearable in the forms of finger rings, neck laces, and other ornaments. Musgravite is considered the most precious stone in the world. Enjoy our word search puzzles as a fun activity or as worksheets for students while you teach them about rocks, minerals, their uses, and rarity.

Gemstones Word Search Puzzle

Here is a Gemstones word search puzzle featuring the top ten gemstones in the world in terms of price. Watch out for the words arranged in reverse and diagonal directions. The 10 gemstones hidden in the grid are jadeite, pink diamond, diamond, ruby, emerald, alexandrite, red beryl, musgravite, black opal, tanzanite.

Gemstone Word Search Puzzle

Gemstones word search answers are provided here for your convenience.

Gemstones Word Search Puzzle Solution

Types Of Gemstones Word Search Puzzle

There are many types of gemstones worn by people across the world. Here is a Types Of Gemstones puzzle featuring names of 18 gemstones. The names of gemstones hidden for you to hunt for are topaz, emerald, kunzite, aquamarine, onyx, azurite, citrine, sapphire, amethyst, jasper, diamond, pearl, ruby, garnet, tanzanite, peridot, jade, opal.

This gemstones word search is suitable for the kids of 4th grade and above. Look keen for the words hidden in the reverse direction.

Types Of gemstones Word Search Puzzle

Types Of Gemstones Word Search Puzzle Solution


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