Halloween Crossword

Halloween Crossword

Halloween is that time of year when the Allhallowtide is celebrated. On this day the citizens on the western side of the world dress in spooky costumes and have fun. Solving crossword puzzles with Halloween as the theme can add more fun and happiness to the celebration. How about adding a little fright to the fun and happiness??

Solve these Halloween crossword puzzles using the clues provided in the puzzle and fill the letters of the answers in the boxes allotted keeping in mind the directions to solve them.

Halloween Crossword 1

This Halloween crossword is designed with 31 clues and 31 answers that match each of the clues. Try solving the crossword using the clues and write them according to the directions. Find them all and experience that little spookiness during your Halloween celebration. Happy Halloween!!

This puzzle is suitable for sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelfth grades.

Halloween Crossword Puzzle 1

Check out the solution here to crosscheck if your answers are right.

Halloween Crossword Puzzle 1 Solution

Halloween Crossword 2

This crossword with Halloween as the theme could be a great way to add a little more fun to the Halloween celebrations. There are 24 words that need to be found using the clues available here. Find them all and finish solving this puzzle. Do not forget to colour the witch and pumpkin.


Halloween Crossword Puzzle 2

The solution for this crossword puzzle is here so you can use it to compare it with your answers.

Halloween Crossword Puzzle 2 Solution

Here are some more sets of puzzles with different themes. Try them all and continue to have fun.

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