Holidays Around The World Word Search

Holidays Around The World Word Search

Holidays bring a smile to everyone’s face because whenever anybody hears the word “Holiday”, they get elated from within. Holidays are mostly when there are certain occasions or festivities that are to be celebrated with loved ones at home. All the holidays are based on different ideologies either of a community, religion, political party, etc. Different countries have different sets of holidays depending on the ethnicity, religion, and beliefs followed by the people living in that country.

The word Holiday comes from an Old English word hāligdæg, which was mostly used to refer to special religious days. In some countries, it is used to signify vacation while in others it is used to signify a festival or a religious ceremony.

Famous Holidays Around The World Word Search

There are some very well-known and famous Holidays around the globe that are known by everyone. So, here you have been provided with 10 Famous Holidays which are Christmas, New Year, Ramadan, Eid ul Fitr, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Diwali, Halloween, Holi, and Hanukkah.

These 10 Famous Holiday names have been arranged in all possible directions in the word search puzzle given below.

Famous Holidays Around The World Search

Famous Holidays around the world word search answer key is provided for you to crosscheck.

Famous Word Search Puzzle Solution

Holidays Around The World Match Puzzle

The famous holidays around the world are presented in a simple word match puzzle. On one side, you can find the names of the famous festivals and on the other side you can find the dates of those festivals. You have to draw a line joining the festival name with its correct date.

Famous Holidays around the world word match puzzle

To check whether you matched the dates with the correct holidays, we have provided a solution to the word match puzzle here:

Holidays Around the world match puzzle

Hope you enjoyed solving the Famous Holiday Word Search Puzzle.

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