Pilgrims Word Search

Pilgrims Word Search

A pilgrim is a person who wanders or journeys around different places across the world to visit various religious destinations for spiritual purposes. A wayfarer is a simple term that is used for referring to a person who is just traveling the world. Pilgrims in this context, which we come across during thanksgiving, are a group of English families that was carried by a ship named Mayflower in the year 1609 from England to New World, America.

Did you know that all the pilgrims were not motivated by religion and a few of them had visited America before? Do you think the Mayflower landed at Plymouth first? Well, these word search puzzles featuring various terms about pilgrims will lead you to know more facts and words related to the pilgrims. These printable word search puzzles are free of cost and the solutions for these puzzles are attached for your convenience.

Pilgrim Word Search 1

This simple and easy word search puzzle featuring words about pilgrims is suitable for kids of kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade. Words in this pilgrims word search puzzle are hidden vertically and horizontally.

The words hidden in this puzzle are Thanksgiving, feast, pilgrim, gratitude, celebrate, native American, Plymouth, Squanto, Wampanoag, turkey, November. The number of words is 12. Try helping your students or kids to find them all.

Pilgrims Word Search Puzzle

The answer key for the puzzle is here.Pilgrims Word Search Puzzle Solution

Pilgrims Word Search 2

In this Pilgrims Word Search puzzle, you need to find a few words related to the pilgrims. Be it a Mayflower which carried English families from England to America, or the Plymouth where the Mayflower was supposed to be landed, or the Massasoit who was the leader of the Wampanoag confederacy.

The words in this word search puzzle with the theme ” The Pilgrims”, are hidden in all the directions i.e; forward, backward, and diagonally as well. This puzzle is suitable for all age groups. Make sure to find all of them.

The 26 vocabulary words covered in this puzzle are: America, Bradford, Brownist, Carver, church, colony, compact, corn, English, harvest, Massachusetts, Massasoit, Mayflower, pilgrim, Plymouth, Puritans, religion, rock, Separatists, settler, Speedwell, Squanto, Thanksgiving, treaty, Wampanoag, and winter.

Pilgrims Word Search Puzzle

The solution for the word search puzzle above is here. Use it in case you get stuck with finding a few words.

Pilgrims Word Search Puzzle Solution

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