Sleeping Beauty Worksheets

Sleeping Beauty Worksheets

Solving some sleeping beauty activities is a must for you to prove your love for Disney animated movies. Here is a set of Sleeping Beauty Worksheets with different word puzzles and sentence puzzles like word search puzzles, crossword puzzles, fallen phrase puzzle, word scramble puzzle, etc. Each word puzzle is curated with various interesting themes like sleeping beauty character names, words from Once Upon a Dream lyrics, vocabulary words related to sleeping beauty and Princess Aurora, Princess Aurora quotes, etc. to make them even more interesting.

You can use these Disney activities just to have fun or as worksheets for your kids or students at school to engage them in some literary activity. Word Search Printable creates puzzles with utmost care as a complete package, i.e, the answers for each puzzle are attached for your convenience. Happy puzzling!!

Sleeping Beauty Summary

Check out our Sleeping Beauty Summary before you fall into the most fun-filled and interesting trap of solving our Disney puzzles. Sleeping Beauty story talks about various emotions like jealousy, love, romance, helping nature, etc. Maleficent is an evil sorceress filled with jealousy of Princess Aurora. One day she curses the princess to die on her sixteenth birthday. The guardian fairies of Aurora worked on the curse in such a way that she just falls asleep on her birthday and only a kiss from Prince Philip could wake her up. The story continues to tell us about how Malefiecient abducted Prince Philip to not go for rescuing Aurora with a kiss. A little help from the guardian fairies is the last resort for him to escape from the abduction and help Princess Aurora.

Sleeping Beauty Word Search Puzzle

A Disney word search is a great option to engage your child in a fun literary activity. Here is a Sleeping Beauty Word Search featuring 15 vocabulary words including a few sleeping beauty characters. This word search has character names arranged in horizontal, vertical, and reverse directions.

The words used in this word search are maleficent, kiss, king Stefan, aurora, spinning wheels, sixteen, fauna, briar, prince, flora, spell, love, Disney, merry weather, fairies. This Disney word search is suitable for the kids of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades.

Sleeping Beauty Word Search

Sleeping Beauty Word Search answers are provided here for you to crosscheck.

Sleeping Beauty Word Search Answers

Sleeping Beauty Word Scramble Puzzle

Every child wants Once Upon A Dream Song from sleeping beauty on the loop!! Here is a Sleeping Beauty Word Scramble Puzzle featuring 10 words from Once Upon A Dream lyrics. Solve this Disney word scramble by unscrambling the ten words and write the answers in the space provided for each word. This word scramble is suitable for the kids of 2nd grade and above.

Sleeping Beauty Word Scramble Puzzle

Sleeping beauty word scramble answers are provided for your convenience.

Sleeping Beauty Word Scramble Puzzle Answers

Sleeping Beauty Fallen Phrase Puzzle

Some of the sleeping beauty quotes are quite impactful if one can observe carefully. Here is a Sleeping Beauty Fallen Phrase Puzzle featuring the most popular sleeping beauty quote by Princess Aurora. The letters of the quote fell on the ground. Solve this Disney fallen phrase by putting the letters back on the board in the correct order.

Sleeping Beauty Fallen Phrase Puzzle

Sleeping Beauty Fallen Phrase Puzzle answers are attached here for you.

Sleeping Beauty Fallen Phrase Puzzle Answers

Sleeping Beauty Crossword

Living a life of a Disney princess is every little girl’s dream!! Sleeping beauty is one of those Disney princesses who was put into trouble and then a prince came to her rescue. Here is a Sleeping Beauty crossword designed using words related to the Sleeping beauty movie. Solve this Disney crossword by using the clues provided in the worksheets.  This crossword is suitable for the kids of 4th grade and above.

Sleeping Beauty Crossword

Sleeping Beauty crossword answers are right here for you to check if the answers are correct.

Sleeping Beauty Crossword Answers

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