Types Of Children Puzzles

Types Of Children Puzzles  | Types Of Puzzles For Kids

This article below is curated with efforts to show you the types of children puzzles, the details, examples of each of them, and also the importance of solving puzzles in a child’s development process. With our fast-paced schedules and work stress, we are forgetting a key point that matters in terms of a child’s growth. We often tend to keep our children engaged, we give them smartphones, show videos online, let them watch the TV, so we can finish our tasks as planned.

It’s time for you to think about the importance of solving different types of puzzles not only for keeping them engaged but also for making them learn about numbers, alphabets, colors, geometric shapes, etc. Ever heard of a baby race? Make sure to not push your child into it!! Each baby or toddler has its unique way and pace to learn things. Their progress in terms of learning something new depends on the resources available for them. Try introducing them to a wide variety of instruments to learn and they will pick up what suits them the best. Let us now look into the details of each of the types of puzzles for kids.

Types of Children Puzzles

There are many types of children puzzles. Some are easy to assemble and some are difficult. There is a wide variety of puzzles that can be found in the market today, from simple wooden puzzles to complex 3D jigsaw puzzles. Puzzles for kids come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and materials such as wood or plastic. There are different types of puzzles for children. Here is a list of the most common and popular ones. The details and examples for each of them are given.

1. 3D Puzzles

Before you get worried about what these 3D puzzles are, let me help you out!! 3D puzzles are those kinds of puzzles that require you to combine all the tiny pieces of the puzzle to form a three-dimensional figure referring to the picture with the puzzle. These puzzles are designed usually by using a famous structure of the world as a reference. The material used for manufacturing this type of puzzle is usually cardboard.

Here is an example of a 3D puzzle.

3D Puzzle Example

3. Insert Puzzles

Insert Puzzles are very much similar to knob puzzles and peg puzzles. Insert puzzles requires the user to insert the chunks of puzzles into the specific grooves and shapes carved on a thick plank of wood, or a plastic moulded in different shapes, that match with the pieces respectively. These puzzles are usually manufactured by using wood and high-quality plastic as their primary raw material. To make it less costly, they are also made with cardboard.

Here is an example of an insert puzzle.

Insert Puzzle Example

4. Shape Sorter Puzzles

Shape sorter puzzles are quite interesting for kids who are at the early stages of learning numbers, basic geometrical shapes, colors, etc. In this type of puzzle, a number of wooden pieces are with distinguished features. The user is supposed to sort those pieces with differences in terms of shapes, colors, etc by putting them on their respective stands.

Here is an example of a shape sorter puzzle. In this, you will be required to sort different shapes onto their respective stands.

Shape Sorter Puzzle Example

5. See And Spell Puzzles

See and spell puzzles are very interesting and also helps the user learn the language. This type of puzzle requires the user to refer to the picture on each puzzle piece and use the alphabet pieces to fix the correct spelling of what is the picture called. The toddler will be able to learn various things, letters, etc.

Here is an example of a see and spell puzzle.

See And Spell Puzzle Example

6. Match It Puzzles

Match it puzzles are designed with various themes. This type of puzzle has multiple puzzle pieces that make sense only once they are fixed together. The user is required to combine the pieces according to the theme.

Here is an example of the match-it puzzle. This one requires the user to fix the pieces together that display different images based on different professions.

Match It Puzzle Example

7. Pattern Block Puzzles

Pattern block puzzles are interesting and colorful. This type of puzzle has a number of pieces with different shapes and colors, that require you to make different figures and images with those pieces. Pattern block puzzles are usually manufactured using wood and the lower quality of a pattern block puzzle can be made using cardboard.

Here is an example of pattern block puzzles. There are pieces with different shapes and they can be used for forming a toucan, spider, etc.

Pattern Block Puzzle Example

8. Dropped Letter Puzzles

Dropped letter puzzles a language-based puzzle and is usually designed using phrases and quotes that are popular. This puzzle has a grid with specific boxes colored in black that represent a space in a sentence. There are letters above each column that one by one fit into each box. You will be required to fill each box with the available letters in a certain order so that it reveals a phrase that is used for designing the puzzle.

Here is an example of a dropped letter puzzle or a letter drop puzzle.

Dropped Letter Puzzle ExampleDropped letter Puzzle example Solution

9. Grid Copy Puzzles

Grid copy puzzles come in handy when you want to make your child learn a little drawing or boost one’s creativity. Grid copy puzzles are those kinds of puzzles that require the user to copy the image that is seen in one picture onto another page that has an nXn grid. In other words, the user needs to refer to the grid on page one, and copy it onto page two.

Here is an example of a grid copy puzzle. For solving this the user is supposed to copy the chick in the first picture in the second grid.

Grid Copy Puzzle Example

10. I Spy Puzzles

I spy puzzles are creative and challenging. I spy puzzles are designed using various objects printed on paper and the list of the objects you need to find is there below the printed sheet. All you have to do find out all the things listed.

Here is an example of I Spy Puzzles.

I Spy Puzzle Example
12. Shadow Puzzles

Shadow puzzles are quite interesting to solve since they are designed to make the user search for extreme details. In this puzzle, the user is required to find the right shadow from the set of shadows by observing the reference image.

Here is an example of a shadow puzzle.

Shadow Puzzle Example


There are many types of puzzles for children. A few types like see and spell, dropped letter, etc, are language-based, other types like a shadow puzzle, I Spy, etc will need observation skills and the remaining types allow your child to have a little physical activity. Make sure to try them all. Your child is going to have fun and learn a lot of things!!

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