Types Of Picture Puzzles

Types Of Picture Puzzles

In the following article, we are going to present to you what are picture puzzles, different types of picture puzzles, and the tips and techniques that can come in handy for solving them. A picture puzzle is one of the most interesting genres of puzzles and can be used for testing one’s ingenuity and creativity to find a solution. A picture puzzle is a type of puzzle that is designed using pictures and the questions are framed according to the content in the picture among the types of puzzles.

There are different categories in picture puzzles. However, these are not formally categorized. Types of picture puzzles are Images To Words / Sentences, Eye Test / Illusion Picture Puzzle, Guessing Picture Puzzle, Picture And Number Puzzle, Filling Container Picture Puzzle, Cut Up Puzzles, Find The Face, Find The Hidden Words From The Picture, Spot The Error Picture Puzzle, Find The Number Of Items, What do you see in it? Picture Puzzle, Spot The Number/Thing Picture Puzzle. Let us now look into the details of each of them.

1. Images To Words / Sentences

Image to words picture puzzle is a type of puzzle where you will be provided a set of images or hints that together form a word or a phrase when their meanings are combined. The answer could be a single word, a phrase, a statement, a rhyme, a famous song name, a famous idiom, etc. The level of difficulty depends on how complex are the images.

2. Eye Test / Illusion Picture Puzzle

An Eye Test / Illusion Picture Puzzle has two categories.

  • The first one is a puzzle that has an illusional picture designed using dots, hyphens, etc. You will be asked to find the hidden picture in it. The level of difficulty for this type depends on the size of the picture itself or the size of the hidden image.
  •  Another variety of illusion picture puzzles has a number of squares, triangles, rectangles, etc used for designing it. This type may require you to find out the total number of geometrical figures used for designing the puzzle.  The level of difficulty depends on the variety or the number of geometrical figures used in it.

3. Guessing Picture Puzzle

Guessing Picture Puzzle is a puzzle where a set of images or hints are provided and you will be required to guess the word based on the hints. The words used as answers could be a list of brands, movie names, city names, etc based on the interests of the creator of the puzzle or according to the theme related to the event or a situation for which the puzzle is used.

4. Picture And Number Puzzle

A Picture and Number Puzzle is an interesting way to learn about different aspects like colours, images, numbers, etc at a time. This type of puzzle has a set of images where each of them denotes a specific number. A list of equations is provided that is made with different images which equal a numerical figure. Another equation is to ask you a question, that can be answered based on the numerical values of each image in a set. The difficulty level depends on how complex is the mathematical operation used for forming the list of equations.

5. Filling Container Picture Puzzle

A filling container picture puzzle has an image that shows various containers that are interconnected and are being filled by a fluid. This type of puzzle requires you to answer various questions like, which container is filled first, which of the containers is the smallest one, etc. The answer for this type of picture puzzle could be hypothetical or has no unique answer.

6. Cut Up Puzzles

Cut Up puzzles are very much similar to jigsaw puzzles. The only difference is, the centrepiece of an image that you need to form is already fixed to the board and you are required to finish the image with the rest of the pieces.

7. Find The Face

A find the face is a type of puzzle that is both challenging and interesting to solve. This type of picture puzzle has two subcategories.

  • This category of find the face picture puzzle requires you to find a face that is disguised in an image and the face hidden in it could be a face of a normal human being, a world-famous personality, etc.
  • Another category is a picture puzzle which has a background story and the face disguised in the image is a face of a killer, a thief, a murderer, etc. Hence this can also be called a detective picture puzzle.

8. Find The Hidden Words From The Picture

In this type of picture puzzle, a scene or a picture is provided in which a list of words (literally) is disguised in different places in the scene. For solving this type of puzzle, you need to find all the disguised words.

9. Spot The Error Picture Puzzle

A Spot The Error Picture Puzzle has a picture with a subtle error disguised in it. This type of picture puzzle requires you to find out the error in the picture.

10. Find The Number Of Items

Find The Number Of Items picture puzzle is designed using one particular item disguised in different areas of the scene. You are told what the item is and will be required to find the total number of that particular item disguised in the picture.

11. What do you see in it? Picture Puzzle

This type of picture puzzle has a picture with similar color tones and an item or a figure disguised in it with the same tone of colour. You will be required to find out what the item is to solve this type of picture puzzle.

12. Spot The Number/Thing Picture Puzzle

In this type, you will have to find the list of numbers or things disguised in a scene depicted in a picture. The hints for finding them are available below the puzzle.


Tips And Useful Techniques To Solve a Picture Puzzle:

  1. Know about them – Know about different categories under picture puzzles and what is required out of you to solve each of them.
  2. Remember the steps – Remember the steps to solve each of them.
  3. Find out the pattern – Find out the pattern and sequence that is used for designing the puzzle.
  4. Remember what you did earlier – Memorise the sequence you used to solve a particular picture puzzle.
  5. Search for minute details – search for details one after the other irrespective of the type of picture puzzle.
  6. Take a break – Make sure to take a break in case you get stuck while solving a picture puzzle. Also, follow tip number 4.
  7. Solve different types of puzzles – Try different puzzles to know what interests and excites you the most.
  8. Read – Reading books can help you learn new words and widen your horizon about various aspects.

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