Algebra Word Search

Algebra Word Search

Learning about coefficient, factorization, logarithm, inverse, etc is always a tough nut to crack. Here is one of the ways which can prove a point that learning math can be fun too. Given here are a few algebra word search puzzles that can teach you or your kids and students about the terminology used in algebra. Solving these word search puzzles can lead you to know more about algebra and can be used to build curiosity in your child to learn math in general.

These algebra-themed word search puzzles are designed in such a way that each puzzle’s level of difficulty is different. Challenge yourself to solve this puzzle with the vocabulary used in algebra or use them as worksheets in your classroom or homeschool.

Algebra Word Search 1

This word search puzzle designed with various terms related to algebra is a great way to make your students or children learn about algebra in an interesting and fun way. Mind you that the words are hidden in all directions. This word search puzzle is suitable for the students and children of seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh grades.

The words hidden in this word search are: association, correlation, causation, continuous, discrete, domain, function notation, linear function, parent function, range, reflect, steep, slope, transform, translate, x-intercept, y-intercept, zeros. The number of words is nineteen.

Algebra Word Search

The answer key for the word search puzzle is given here for you to use.

Algebra Word Search 1 Solution

Algebra Word Search 2

Here comes the tricky one. Challenge yourself to solve this puzzle and use it as a worksheet for your students or kids. This puzzle is designed for the students of sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelfth grades. To win with this puzzle, all have to do is solve the factors of the questions given below the grid, match the answer with the list of binomials and polynomials given and find the word adjacent to it in the grid. Circle the answers that you have found to differentiate from the rest of the grid.

Algebra Word Search 2

Solving this is a tough job. Use this answer key in case you get stuck while you solve it.

Algebra Word Search 2 Solution

Algebra Word Search 3

This algebra-themed word search puzzle is suitable for seventh, eighth, ninth grade and homeschool students. The words hidden in the grid for you to hunt are algebra, equation, expression, variable, constant, coefficient, term, exponent, polynomial, additive inverse, formula, linear, monomial, binomial, quadratic, slope. The number of words is sixteen.

Algebra Word Search 3

The solution for the word search is given here for you to check if your answers are right.

Algebra Word Search 3 Solution

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