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Printable Number Puzzles

Math puzzles help not only to learn math in a fun way but also develop mental calculation skills. Most children are interested in solving puzzles than working out their classroom homework. It is surprising how entertaining and relaxing these printable number puzzles can be. They really do make perfect amusements, and we think it is much better for your brain to apply graphite to paper than your fingers to the keyboard. That’s why everything here is adapted for print.

Number Fill In Puzzles

These puzzles look like crossword puzzles, but here the grid is with numbers and you’re supposed to fill in the given numbers without disturbing the given numbers in the grid.

Number Search Puzzles

These puzzles are the same as word searches, except that you’ll have to find the number sequences instead of words.

Magic Square Worksheets

Magic Squares are a great way to exercise addition while still having the fun of solving a puzzle.

And many more coming up such as karuko puzzles, Math balance quest puzzles, etc.

Halloween Word Search

Halloween Word Search

Solve our range of Halloween word search puzzles to have a bit of fun or curl yourself with fear or use these as worksheets for your students in the classroom to teach them a little about the traditions of Halloween and Allsaints day.

These word search puzzles with a Halloween theme are free for you to print and the solutions for the puzzles are attached below so you can use them to crosscheck with your answers. You might as well want to show your win to the zombie walking next to your house!!!

Halloween Word Search 1

This Halloween word search puzzle is designed for you to print free of cost. The number of words hidden here in the grid is 26. Let us see how many words you can hunt. Find them and circle the answers to differentiate the rest of the grid.

Halloween Word Search 1

The answer key for the Halloween word search puzzle is given here so you can use it as you wish.

Halloween Word Search 1 Solution

Halloween Word Search 2

This pumpkin-shaped word search puzzle with a Halloween theme could be a great start for the Halloween celebrations. Use them as worksheets for your students or just to have fun at a Halloween party or to gift it for the children who knock on your door for trick or treat.

Halloween Word Search 2

The answers to the puzzle are given here. Check this if you have found all the words hidden in this Halloween word search puzzle.

Halloween Word Search 2 Solution


Try our other sets of puzzles with Halloween themes to have more fun.

Halloween Sudoku

Halloween Word Scramble

Thanksgiving Word Search

Halloween Sudoku

Halloween Sudoku

Halloween themed sudoku puzzles can add an extra bit of both fun and fright. Get ready to solve these Halloween sudoku puzzles to get you ready for this Halloween and keep yourself in the mood for it. These sudoku puzzles are designed with letters of a word and pictures related to the Halloween celebration instead of using numbers.

Even though this Halloween sudoku uses letters instead of numbers, kids will still be exercising the same powers of deduction that regular sudoku requires. Just as in regular sudoku, each column, row, and the box must contain one and only one example of each of the letters in the words. Happy Halloween to you and your kids!

Each grid must contain the respective numbers of letters and pictures. These sudoku puzzles are suitable for sixth grade and above. These puzzles are free of cost and printable.

Also, try our other Halloween puzzles and thanksgiving puzzle. Why stop learning and having fun?

Halloween Crossword

Halloween Word Scramble

Thanksgiving Word Sudoku

Halloween Sudoku 1

This is a set of four letter-based sudoku puzzles with Halloween as the theme for all four of them. The words used to design these puzzles are Shadow, Spider, Zombie, Orange. The number of letters in each of these words is 6. Therefore each puzzle is arranged in a 6*6 grid. Make sure that each box, each row, and each column does not contain repeated letters.

Halloween Sudoku 1

The solution for all the Halloween sudoku puzzles is given here for you to print and crosscheck in case of ambiguity.

Halloween Sudoku 1 Solution

Halloween Picture Sudoku

This cute sudoku puzzle with Halloween as its theme is designed with a 4*4 grid for you to make your children or students do a fun activity along with using their brains. Here is a free printable sudoku puzzle where you need to cut the elements at the bottom of the page and paste them in the puzzle so you can finish solving this puzzle.

This sudoku puzzle is suitable for the children of first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grades.

Halloween Sudoku 2

The answer key for the Halloween sudoku puzzle is given here for you to check.

Halloween Sudoku 2 Solution

Haunted House Word Search

Haunted HouseWord Search

Gear up for experiencing the sounds of the wind and the doors, the air, and the witch coming towards you while you try to solve these word search puzzles. These word search puzzles with the haunted house as their themes will make you feel haunted even if your house not haunted by the witch.

These word search puzzles are free for you to print to use as an activity for your students or you can use just print them for having fun while you host a Halloween party.

Haunted HouseWord Search 1

The number of words for you to hunt is 24. The words hidden in the puzzle are Attic, Bat, Chilly, Cobwebs, Coffin, Creak, Curse, Damp, Dark, Decay, Eerie, Flashlight, Gate, Ghost, Hallway, Lightning, Mansion, Midnight, Mist, Moan, Moon, Owl, Raven, and Scream.

Haunted House Word Search 1

The solution for the Haunted house word search is given here for you to print.

Haunted House Word Search 1 Solution

Haunted HouseWord Search 2

This haunted word search puzzle is a puzzle hidden with 24 words related to the Halloween celebrations. Find them all and circle them so you can differentiate the rest of the puzzle to finish solving it.

Haunted House Word Search 2

Here are some more puzzles with Halloween themes for you to print and use. Happy Halloween to y’all!!

Halloween Sudoku

Halloween Word Scramble

Halloween Word Search

Halloween Puzzles

Halloween Puzzles

Wow! October 31st has turned around anew. Halloween is that time of year when the Allhallowtide is celebrated. On this day the citizens on the western side of the world dress in spooky costumes and have fun. Solving Halloween puzzles with Halloween as the theme, Of Course! can add more fun and happiness to the celebration. How about adding that little fright to the fun and happiness??

Here are a few cute and fun printables to add a little scare to your Halloween celebration. Free for you to print and enjoy. We hope that you and the kids have some fun scare and safe celebrations with lots of pumpkins, candies, and cute ghosts.

Since you are here after the Easter Puzzles, why not get ready for the next holiday also, which is just down the road the Thanksgiving Puzzles, Christmas Puzzles

Aladdin Word Search Puzzles

Aladdin word puzzles

Aladdin Word Search Puzzles

Given here are a few Aladdin word searches curated for you to have fun or to revive those memories of listening to Aladdin stories from your parents or watching a movie during childhood. These word puzzles are free and printable. Stuck while solving them? Do not worry. Aladdin is here to help you with the answer keys for each of the puzzles!! Anddd, Not just Aladdin! Here’s more Disney Characters Word Search for you.

Aladdin is an eighteen-year-old young boy who learned to live life on the streets of Agrabah. He has never gone through formal education and had to steal food from the streets and people. One day the daughter of the sultan of Agrabah, Princess Jasmine, enters the streets of Agrabah and gets to meet Aladdin in a coincidence. After a few days, he happens to visit the royal palace and get his hands on a mystic lamp. He later finds it to be powerful and that it has the ability to grant wishes to him. Eventually, Aladdin and the genie in the magic lamp become friends and set up a plot for aborting a dangerous mission made by Jafar, the evil sorcerer, to usurp young jasmine’s kingdom.

Aladdin Characters Word Search Puzzle

Given here is a word search puzzle featuring character names from the movie Aladdin. There are 15 words for you to hunt and watch out for the words hidden in the reverse direction. The words hidden in this word search grid are Genie, Aladdin, Jasmine, Jafar, Sultan, Dalia, Anders, Hakim, Zulla, Iago, Abu, Rajah, Agrabah, MagicCarpet, MagicLamp.

aladdin characters word search

Aladdin characters word search answers are available here for you.

Aladdin characters word search answers

Aladdin Sentence Scramble Puzzle

Aladdin’s story teaches us to not try being someone else, to value friendship, to not be greedy, and also that you can defeat any abnormal situation that you face in life. Here are a few sentences from the movie Aladdin used to design a sentence scramble for you. Pick those sentences from the movie and use them to unscramble the scrambled sentences in the puzzle below. There are 8 sentences that you need to unscramble and ask for a wish!!

aladdin sentence scramble

Aladdin has got your back!! Aladdin sentence scramble answers are right here for you.

aladdin sentence scramble answers

More Disney Puzzles here:

Disney’s Bambi Word Search Puzzles

Bambi word puzzles

Bambi Word Search And Puzzles

Here is a set of word puzzles designed with the words and sentences picked up from the story Bambi, which was produced by the prestigious Walt Disney Productions. These word puzzles are easy and printable. Worry not; if you get stuck somewhere while solving them, the solutions for each of them are given.

The story of Bambi starts during that time a year between the winter and summer, i.e., spring. The flowers begin to bloom, and the animals begin to breed. During the same course of time, a deer gives birth to a fawn and names him Bambi. The animals in the forest are excited to welcome him and celebrate the latest birth of other animals in the forest. Bambi is the successor for the rule of forest and hence considered prince. Bambi has got a few friends of his age, a few of them being a rabbit kit named Thumper, a flower, a baby skunk. Being different beings, the phases of life for each of the animals in the forest might be different. The story continues with Bambi understanding the inherent dangers and obstructions that he will have to face while growing up and for taking up a charge as the prince for the forest.

Easy Bambi Word Search Puzzle

Here is a word search puzzle featuring a list of words related to the movie Bambi. There are 15 words arranged in this grid. Make sure to find and circle all of them so you can differentiate your answers from the rest of the grid. The words hidden in this word search are Bambi, Thumper, Flower, Owl, Faline, Love, Bunny, Pheasant, Forest, Possum, Rabbit, Duck, Skunk.

Easy Bambi word search

Easy Bambi word search answers are attached here for you to use.

bambi word search answers

Bambi Quotes Scramble Puzzle

The character of Thumper in the story of Bambi is designed in such a way that he keeps teaching the watchers about various aspects of leading a good life taught by his father. Here is a Bambi-themed sentence scramble curated using a few dialogues and life lessons from our beloved thumper and other characters in the story. The number of sentences you need to unscramble is 4.

Bambi dialogues sentence scramble puzzle

Bambi sentence scramble answers are attached here for you to use.

Bambi dialogues sentence scramble puzzle answers

Don’t stop! here are more Disney puzzles:

Bird Names Word Search Puzzles

Bird Names Word Search Puzzles

We have curated these bird names word search puzzles with names of pet birds, flightless birds, wild birds, etc. Word Search puzzles are always fun and these puzzles are designed with utmost care to make them interesting. You can use them as worksheets for your kids or students or just to have fun on a weekend. Bird Names Word Search Puzzles is a fun and challenging word search puzzle game. It is a great way to learn bird names and their sounds, etc.

Although all birds have feathers, a few of them like an ostrich or a hen cannot fly high. You don’t have to look into the sky or on the ground with frowned eyes to find the birds. All you have to do is look into this puzzle with your sharp eyes and find the bird names.

Pet Bird Names Word Search Puzzle

Here is a word search puzzle featuring the names of 18 pet birds. The words hidden in the grid are electus, chicken, scarlet, Pionus, toucan, Columbidae, budgerigar, parrot, rosella, cockatiel, canary, finch, canique, Senegal, conure, lovebird, dove, macaw.

Pet Bird Names Word Search

Pet bird names word search answers are given here for you.

Pet Bird Names Word Search Solution

Flightless Bird Names Word Search Puzzle

There are two categories of birds based on their ability to fly. Here is a word search designed using the names of 21 flightless birds. The names hidden in the grid are auk, cormorant, emu, kakapo, ostrich, rhea, tinamou, cassowary, crake, ibis, kiwi, penguin, swamphen, waterfowl, coot, dodo, juningrebe, moanalo, rail, takahe, weka.

Flightless Bird Names Word Search

Flightless Bird Names Word Search Clues

Flightless birds word search answers are here for you.

Flightless Bird Names Word Search Solution

Wild Bird Names Word Search Puzzle

Given below is a word search puzzle featuring the names of 20 wild birds. The words hidden in the grid for you to hunt are bayaweaver, blackbird, curlew, dipper, downey, flicker, housesparrow, jacana, killdeer, kingbird, muteswan, p[atridge, pintail, raven, sandpiper, saruscrane, thrasher, titmouse, wildturkey.

Wild Birds Word Search

Wild bird names word search answers are attached here for you.

Wild Birds Word Search Solution

More puzzles equal more fun waiting for you!!

Zoo Animals Word Search

Dog Word Search

Animal Word Search

Disney Movies Word Search

Disney Movies Word Search

Disney movies are fantastic learnings for your kids. They are involving and entertaining. Not just kids, you’ll find yourself immersed in the fantasy lands that Disney creates. You cannot help but get their point in the end. Here is a Disney movies word search puzzle for you, which has movie names that just take you to the world of Disney’s magic.

Do a little brain exercise finding these Disney movies word search with  15 movie names including Bambi, Mary Poppins, Zootopia, Soul, Ratatouille, Inside Out, The Lion King, Robin Hood, Cinderella, Aladdin, Moana, Tangled, Sleeping Beauty, Mulan, and Peter Pan.

This puzzle is provided with exciting clues of the movie’s motto, the famous dialogue, or a quote. Isn’t it a great way to enjoy those beautiful films again, without really watching and remembering your favorite scenes? So, why wait, jump right into the puzzle!

disney movies word search

Here the solution, in case you’re stuck or have not watched that particular scene or movie. I suggest you watch that scene or movie right away and make solving this puzzle more entertaining.

disney movies word search solution

Disney Movies Word Match Puzzle

Disney Movies word match puzzle

Disney Movies word match puzzle answers

Don’t leave it here, more puzzles for you deep  into the movies:

Disney’s Robin Hood Word Puzzles

Robin hood word puzzles

Disney’s Robin Hood Word Search Puzzles

Been an archery shooter anytime? The following Robin Hood word puzzles will make sure you enjoy the victory of hitting the bull’s eye. We’ve created the puzzles with all the elaborateness that involves you fully into the puzzle solving.

The story of Robin Hood first came up as folklore, then made its place in literature and art. There have been several great stories since the first folklore. He is a proficient archer, and being an outlaw, he robbed the rich to serve the poor. The legend of Robin Hood chronicles his adventures.

Robin Hood Characters Word Match Puzzle

This Robin Hood characters word match puzzle is a simple word match puzzle and has character names of the Disney movie Robin Hood. You’ll have to draw a line from a word in the left column to a word in the right column to form the character’s complete name.

Robin hood characters word match puzzle

Check out the Robin Hood word match puzzle answers.

Robin hood characters word match puzzle answers

The character names are Robin Hood, Maid Marian, Sheriff, Prince John, King Richard, LionHeart, Lincoln Green, as shown in the answer above.

Robin Hood Word Search

Robin Hood word search puzzle has 12 words to find out. And the words are Robin, Archer, Swordsman, Sheriff, Nottingham, Rich, Poor, Bandits, Adventures, Sherwood, Knight, Prison. These words are hidden in forward, backward, upward, downward, and diagonally downward.

Robin Hood word search

Trouble finding that one word! Let’s peep into the Robin Hood word search answers.

Robin hood word search answers

Robin Hood Fallen Phrase Puzzle

Fallen phrase puzzles are interesting in a way that the letters falling off, and you’ll have to pick them up to solve the puzzle. In this fallen phrase puzzle, find out Robin Hood’s inspirational phrase that gives hope to people and encourages them never to give up. Fill in the grid spaces with letters that are fallen below, forming the phrase.

robin hood fallen phrase puzzle

Here’s the Robin Hood fallen phrase puzzle answer.

robin hood fallen phrase puzzle answer

Here’s more of Disney for you…