Disney’s Robin Hood Word Puzzles

Disney’s Robin Hood Word Search Puzzles

Been an archery shooter anytime? The following Robin Hood word puzzles will make sure you enjoy the victory of hitting the bull’s eye. We’ve created the puzzles with all the elaborateness that involves you fully into the puzzle solving.

The story of Robin Hood first came up as folklore, then made its place in literature and art. There have been several great stories since the first folklore. He is a proficient archer, and being an outlaw, he robbed the rich to serve the poor. The legend of Robin Hood chronicles his adventures.

Robin Hood Characters Word Match Puzzle

This Robin Hood characters word match puzzle is a simple word match puzzle and has character names of the Disney movie Robin Hood. You’ll have to draw a line from a word in the left column to a word in the right column to form the character’s complete name.

Robin hood characters word match puzzle

Check out the Robin Hood word match puzzle answers.

Robin hood characters word match puzzle answers

The character names are Robin Hood, Maid Marian, Sheriff, Prince John, King Richard, LionHeart, Lincoln Green, as shown in the answer above.

Robin Hood Word Search

Robin Hood word search puzzle has 12 words to find out. And the words are Robin, Archer, Swordsman, Sheriff, Nottingham, Rich, Poor, Bandits, Adventures, Sherwood, Knight, Prison. These words are hidden in forward, backward, upward, downward, and diagonally downward.

Robin Hood word search

Trouble finding that one word! Let’s peep into the Robin Hood word search answers.

Robin hood word search answers

Robin Hood Fallen Phrase Puzzle

Fallen phrase puzzles are interesting in a way that the letters falling off, and you’ll have to pick them up to solve the puzzle. In this fallen phrase puzzle, find out Robin Hood’s inspirational phrase that gives hope to people and encourages them never to give up. Fill in the grid spaces with letters that are fallen below, forming the phrase.

robin hood fallen phrase puzzle

Here’s the Robin Hood fallen phrase puzzle answer.

robin hood fallen phrase puzzle answer

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