Tangled Word Search

Tangled Word Search

We have created this set of Tangled Word Search Puzzles with the utmost care and effort to make them engaging and interesting for you to solve on a fun Sunday or to use them as worksheets for your kids or students.

Tangled is a classic in the list of movies created and produced Walt Disney movies under the animated category. The story of it revolves around a young girl named Rapunzel, who was abducted when she was a baby and kept captivated in an isolated tower, by an evil old woman, to keep her young for a lifetime. Rapunzel is a princess in reality and her hair is mystic and powerful enough to provide anyone with eternal youth. As soon as she turned 18, she starts getting curious about the outside world and tries to get away from the tower. One fine day, a prince named Eugene coincidentally uses the tower as a refuge. With the prince’s help, she escapes from the tower and reaches her true home and her real parents.

Tangled Word Search

Here is a word search puzzle designed with 20 words related to the story of the movie tangled. This is easy to solve if you have already watched the movie or you can take your kids’ help!! The words hidden in this tangled-themed word search are thief, braid, handsome, desire, greedy, length, kingdom, tower, venomous, resound, castle, twilight, escape, travel, gothic, misery, charming, forest, couple, desert.

Tangled Word Search 1

Tangled Word search answers are attached here for you to check for the answers.

Tangled Word Search 1 Solution

Tangled Character Names Word Search

We have chosen the names of 21 prominent characters in the movie Tangled and used them to design a word search puzzle for you just to have fun on a weekend or to use them as worksheets for conducting an engaging activity for your children or kids at school. The words hidden in the grid are Arianna, captain, Edmund, gothel, pascal, stabbington, Vladimir, bignose, Cassandra, flynnrider, hookhand, rapunzel, Strongbow, zhantiri, Buckethead, Dwayne, Frederic, Maximus, shortthug, variant. Watch out for the words hidden reverse directions. Look for the words hidden in all directions.

Tangled Word Search 2

Tangled Word Search 2 Clues

Tangled characters word search answers are here.

Tangled Word Search 2 Solution

Tangled Song Lyrics Word Search

The song “I See the light” from tangled is the epitome of the celebration of freedom from false self-identity and evil restrictions that are imposed on a person. Rapunzel is singing this song for celebrating her freedom from her authoritarian and evil mother Gothel, and her reach to her true home. Here is a word search puzzle made using 20 words picked up from the lyrics of the song. The words hidden in the grid are starlight, blinking, bright, chasing, clear, daydream, different, everything, knowing, lifted, light, shifted, sky, somehow, standing, truly, warm, watching, windows, world.

Tangled Word Search 3

Tangled Song Lyrics Word Search answers are here.

Tangled Word Search 3 Solution

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