Animal Word Search Puzzles

Animal Word Search Puzzles

Animals constitute a major portion of the ecosystem. Animals are the gifts of mother nature and they have equal rights as we humans do to live. Like we do, they also have their own names, groups, habitats, etc. Knowing about them is important for you or for your kids and students is important to know their contribution and importance to the ecosystem.

These animal word search puzzles are designed with the names of different animals hidden in different directions. Find them all to explore more information about animals.

Animal Word Search Puzzles 1

Each animal in the environment we live in has a specific name. Isn’t it obvious that their gangs should have names too? Well, this animal word search puzzle is all about the names of the groups of animals. Solve this puzzle to explore them. The words are hidden in all the directions, even in reverse.

The number of words hidden here is 27. The words hidden here are: bed, bevy, brace, brood, cackle, clan, clutch, coalition, colony, congress, drove, flock, herd, hive, horde, mob, nest, pack, pod, pride, rabble, rookery, school, shrewdness, sleuth, swarm, troop.

Animal Word Search 1

The solution for the word search puzzle is given here for you to print.

Animal Word Search 1 Solution

Animal Word Search Puzzles 2

The extra large-sized animals in the animal kingdom have their place for being fierce and cute at the same time in an ecosystem.  Find these big animals in the word search puzzle hidden vertically, horizontally, diagonally, and in reverse directions.

The names of animals hidden in this grid are the African elephant, Asian elephant, basking shark, beluga whale, bison, black marlin, blue whale, bluefin tuna, bowhead whale, dromedary, elephant seal, gaur, giraffe, great white shark, grizzly bear, hippopotamus, humpback whale, moose, Nile crocodile, orca, rhinoceros, sperm whale, tiger shark, walrus, yak. The number of words hidden is 25.

Animal Word Search 2

The solution for the puzzle above is attached here so you can check your answers.

Animal Word Search 2 Solution

Animal Word Search Puzzles 3

This word search puzzle is designed with the names of various tundra dwellers hidden in the grid. The words are hidden in all directions, i.e; left to right, right to left, top to bottom, diagonally, and even in reverse. Make sure to find all of them to win.

The words hidden here in this word search grid are arctic fox, arctic hare, bald eagles, bumblebee, caribou, ermine, gray falcons, grizzly bear, gyrfalcon, moose, mosquito, musk ox, Norway lemming, pocket gopher, polar bear, ptarmigan, raven, ruddy turnstone, shrew, sled god, snowy owl, squirrel, tundra swan, vole, water bird, white wolf, wolverine. The number of words is 27.

Animal Word Search 3

The answer key is given here for your convenience.

Animal Word Search 3 Solution

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