Music Genres Word Search Puzzles

Music Genres Word Search Puzzles

Music is the only thing that can soothe one’s mood and uplift one with a little energy. There are a variety of music genres that evolved over a long time. Here are a few word search puzzles featuring different music genres from old to new, and the words are hidden in all directions.

Try our puzzles for just having fun or use them as worksheets for your music students or kids who are music buffs. You might as well want to prove your love for music and your favorite genre. Try these word search puzzles and make sure to solve them all.

Music Genres Word Search Puzzle 1

This is a music genre word search puzzle with different music styles hidden in it. Solve this word search puzzle by yourself just to have fun or use it as a worksheet. This word search has acapella, bluegrass, blues, boogie-woogie, brass band, calypso, can-can, Celtic, chant, country rock, death metal, disco, doo-wop, folk, funk, gamelan, grunge, heavy metal, hip-hop, hula, jazz, lieder, lullaby, madrigal, Motown, music hall, opera, ragtime, reggae, soul hidden in them. There are 30 words and find them all.

This word search puzzle featuring various music genres is suitable for sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth grades, and students of homeschool.

Music Genres Word Search 2

The solution for the word search puzzle is here for you to compare with the answers you have found.

Music Genres Word Search 2 Solution

Music Genres Word Search Puzzle 2

Here is one more music genres word search puzzle for you to solve. The words are hidden in all directions including diagonally and backward. Find all the words and see if we missed any of your favorite music genres.

The 26 words hidden in this puzzle are alternative, ambient, blues, classical, country, dance, disco, easy listening, electronic, folk, funk, gospel, hip hop, jazz, Latin, new age, opera, pop, RnB, rap, reggae, rock, ska, soul, trance, and world.

Music Genres Word Search 1

You must have found all the words hidden in the word search puzzle above. Use this answer key to find if they are correct.

Music Genres Word Search 1 Solution

Music Genres Word Search Puzzle 3

The words hidden in this word search puzzle are electro, garage, jazz, blues, DNB, techno, reggae, Christian rap, trance, Hip hop, Rnb, Latin, gospel, house, opera, dance, pop, rock. There are eighteen words hidden in the puzzle. Find them all and circle your answers. Opera is my favorite. What is yours’ btw?

Music Word Search 1

The solution key for the above word search puzzle is here or you check for the right answers.

Music Word Search 1 Solution

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