Witches’ Brew Word Search

Witches’ Brew Word Search

Halloween is celebrated right before the day of All Saints. People on that day dress up in spooky costumes to make the ghosts run away. Several things like weird costumes, candies, etc are involved in these traditions. The Witches’ Brew Word Search Puzzles are designed to give you chills in the spine or to use them as a fun activity for your students or children this Halloween season.

Solving the word search puzzles featuring witch as their themes might make you have fun or you might as well see a witch in black clothes, a sharp-pointed hat on the head, and a broom along with an evil potion in her hands behind you in the mirror. Check it yourself. Happy Halloween to you and the witch behind you !!!

Witches’ Brew Word Search 1

Here is Shakespear’s recipe for Witch’s brew. He wrote a play named Macbeth where he mentions the witch brew recipe and different ingredients used in the preparation of it. Find all the 29 words related to the brew and circle them to win with the witch!

There are 29 words to look for covering all 15 creepy sounding ingredients: Adder’s, bat, Blind worm’s, dog, dragon, Eye, fenny snake, Filet, fork, frog, hemlock, Leg, lizard, mummy, newt, Root, Salt sea, Scales, shark, Slip, sting, Toad, Toe, Tongue, Tooth, witches, wolf, Wool, and yew.

Witches Brew Word Search Puzzle 1

The solution key for the witch’s brew puzzle is given here for you to print and check for the right answers.

Witches Brew Word Search Puzzle 1 Solution

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