Dumbo Word Search Puzzles And More

Dumbo Word  Search Puzzles And More

Dumbo is a story about a baby elephant with exceptional qualities produced by Walt Disney Pictures. Here is a set of Dumbo Word Search Puzzles and more such interesting word puzzles like crossword puzzles, word scramble puzzles, fallen phrase puzzles, and a few pictures puzzles like connect the dots puzzle, etc. These Disney word puzzles are curated with the utmost care by Word Search printable using different themes related to the Dumbo movie like character names, vocabulary words, etc. These printable worksheets are freely accessible and the answers are provided for each word puzzle for you.

Dumbo Disney Movie Summary

Here is the Dumbo Disney Movie Summary. Disney’s Dumbo movie shows us the story of a hardworking yet not successful circus owner named Max Medici. He appoints one of the members of his circus team and his two kids to keep an eye on a baby elephant born with large ears named Dumbo. The family then discovers the fact that Dumbo has this magical ability to fly in the air using his ears. Dumbo is now forced to perform stunts for drawing more audiences to the circus. Eventually, Dumbo could catch the attention of Vandevere who is an entrepreneur. Make sure to use our dumbo movie activity worksheet with answers.

Dumbo Word Search Puzzle

Here is a Dumbo Word Search Puzzle designed using 15 vocabulary words from the Dumbo movie. This Dumbo Word Search has got words arranged in all possible directions including the reverse and diagonal directions.

The words related to Disney’s Dumbo movie are flying, big ears, Disney, peanuts, dumbo, stunts, circus, ringmaster, timothy, feather, stork, yellow hat, Casey, jumbo. This Disney word search printable is suitable for the kids of 3rd grade and above.

Dumbo Word Search Puzzle

As the name reveals, the Dumbo word search worksheet with Answers is provided with the solution for the word search puzzle.

Dumbo Word Search Puzzle Solution

Dumbo Connect The Dots Worksheet

Here is a Dumbo Connect The Dots Worksheet for your little kids and the kids in you!! Make sure to find who’s there in the picture by connecting the dots according to the numbers allotted to each dot.

Dumbo Connect The Dots


Disney Dumbo Crossword Puzzle

Disney crossword puzzles are quite fun for your kids if they love to watch Disney animated movies. This Disney Dumbo Crossword Puzzle can act as a fun Disney puzzle for adults and also for kids. make sure to use the clues that are provided and solve this dumbo crossword.

Dumbo Crossword Puzzle

Disney dumbo crossword puzzle answers are provided here for your convenience.

Dumbo Crossword Puzzle Solution

Dumbo Word Scramble Puzzle

Here is a Dumbo Word Scramble Puzzle curated using dumbo character names. The number of character names used in this word scramble is 10. Try to unscramble the Disney characters and write the answers in the space provided.

Dumbo Word Scramble Puzzle

Dumbo word scramble puzzle answers are attached here for you to crosscheck.

Dumbo Word Scramble Puzzle Solution

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