Easter Crossword Puzzle

Easter Crossword Puzzle

How about solving these interesting crossword puzzle for having fun and spending some quality time with family this Easter Sunday? These crossword puzzles are designed with Easter as their themes and can be an interesting and fun activity for your students or kids.

Crossword puzzles are vocabulary-based puzzles where a list of clues is given and one has to guess the words by checking out those clues. And fill the letters in the allotted spaces to finish solving the crossword puzzle. Solve these Easter crossword puzzles and have fun during this Easter. These can make a great educational and fun activity for your kids or students.

Easter Crossword Puzzle 1

Did you know that a few of the traditions followed on Easter Sunday were already followed during pre-Christian days? This crossword puzzle is not merely based on the Christian faith and is secular in nature. This puzzle has a list of thirteen clues and you will need to make your students or kids find them and fill them in the boxes.

This crossword puzzle is great for fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grade.

Easter Crossword Puzzle 1

The solution for the crossword puzzle given here is attached for your students to cross-check while solving it.

Easter Crossword Puzzle 1 Solution

Easter Crossword Puzzle 2

This cute easter crossword puzzle is designed with nine words related to easter. The clues for solving this crossword are given in the form of pictures. Match the clue with the right word and write the letters of the word in the boxes while you check for the right numbers and directions allotted to them.

This crossword is suitable for first, second, third, fourth, and fifth grades.

Easter Crossword Puzzle 2

The solution for the puzzle is given here. Check this to find out if you have found them all.

Easter Crossword Puzzle 2 Solution


These sets of puzzles are linked here so you don’t have to stop having fun on an Easter Sunday.

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