Famous Left Handers Word Search

Famous Left-Handers Word Search

We have this fun and interesting set of Famous Left handers Word Search for you to use for spending a weekend with family members, or you can also use them as worksheets for your left-handed kids to make them learn about their unique features or for your students at school while you teach them about the science and statistics of left-handedness.

Did you know? Left-handed people comprise only 10 percent of the population and are more intuitive, creative, and smarter than right-handed people. These word search puzzles are designed with different themes and levels of difficulty related to the famous left-handed personalities. Make sure to try them all.

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Famous Left-Handers Word Search

Here is a large-sized Famous Left-Handers Word Search featuring a small number of names of famous left-handers across the world. The names hidden in the grid for you to hunt are Aristotle, Babe ruth, Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Jimi Hendrix, Leonardo Da Vinci, Marie Curie, Napoleon Bonaparte, Ned Flanders, Oprah Winfrey.

The words in this word search grid are arranged in vertical, horizontal, reverse, and also left top to right bottom diagonally. Since this is a large word search puzzle, this is suitable for the children of 4th grade and above.

Famous Lefthanders Word Search

Famous Left Handers Word Search Answers are here for you to crosscheck.

Famous Left Handers Word Search Solution

Famous Lefties’ Last Names Word Search

Here is an interesting one!! This Famous Lefties Last Names Word Search is designed using the last names of world-famous left handers. The words are hidden in all directions and the words arranged for you to hunt in the grid are Obama, Garland, Russell, Jobs, Pitt, Ginsberg, Cruise, McCartney, Carrey, Winfrey, Dion, Reeves, Cena, Clinton, Ruth.

This is a word puzzle with just 15 words and the words range from four letters to ten letters. And this is suitable for children in 3rd grade and above.

Famous lefties' Last Names Word Search

Famous Lefties’ Last Names Word Search Answers are attached here for your convenience.

Famous Lefties' Last names Word Search Solution

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