Hanukkah Word Search

Hanukkah Word Search

Hanukkah literally means Dedication in the English language. We have dedicated this set of Hanukkah Word Search for you to use just to have an engaging weekend, to celebrate the occasion of Hanukkah, or as worksheets for your children or students at school to teach them about various aspects like the history and importance of celebrating the occasion of Hanukkah.

These word search puzzles are free for you to use and easily accessible. The themes used for curating these puzzles are general vocabulary used on the day of Hanukkah, the activities that are organized for kids and adults on the occasion, etc. These are made with various difficulty levels so that they suit people of different age groups.

The celebrations are not over yet!! Here are some more sets of our word search puzzles curated just for you.

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Hanukkah Vocabulary Word Search

Here is a Hanukkah Vocabulary Word Search featuring 10 common words used for describing the occasion of Hanukkah. The words hidden in the grid are candle, gimel, Kislev, kugel, latkes, menorah, shin, sundown, temples, tradition.

This small-sized word search puzzle is suitable for kids of 2nd grade and above. The words are arranged both in vertical and horizontal directions.

Hanukkah vocabulary Word Search

Hanukkah Vocabulary Word Search Answers are here for you to help your kids with finding answers.

Hanukkah vocabulary Word Search Solution

Hanukkah Activities Word Search

Hanukkah is a traditional yet fun-filled occasion with a lot of interesting activities and hanukkah traditions. Here is a Hanukkah Activitites Word search featuring 10 activities that you can rely on for conducting an amazing Hanukkah event. The activities hidden in the grid are dominoes, knitting, memory game, joke-telling, scavenger hunt, bingo, dreidel, drinking game, charades, baking.

The Hanukkah Activities in the grid are arranged in all possible directions including the reverse directions. This word search is suitable for the kids of 3rd grade and above.

Hanukkah Activities Word Search

Hanukkah Activities Word Search Answers are attached here for you.

Hanukkah Activities Word Search Solution

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