Madagascar Word Search Puzzles With Answers

Madagascar Word Search Puzzles

Madagascar is a franchise started by Walt Disney Pictures. Searching for some Disney printable worksheets? Well, you are at the right place!! Here is a Madagascar Word Search Puzzles set featuring different interesting themes like the words related to Madagascar movie, Madagascar characters, etc. Make sure to use these Disney word search puzzles to have fun on the weekend or as free printable Disney worksheets to engage your kids or students at school in a fun literary activity. Remember! The answers are attached here for you to crosscheck.

Madagascar Summary

Look at our Madagascar summary before you try the set of Madagascar free printables below!! A lion, Alex, is the leader for the animals in New York’s Central Park Zoo. He has three friends: Marty the zebra, Gloria the hippopotamus, and Melman, the giraffe. All four animals have been spending their life blissfully being captives. Eventually, they are fed up with the life of being stared at by the public all day and decide to escape from the zoo with the help of some penguins so that they can explore the world. See how Alex and his friends escaped the zoo and solve our Madagascar movie activities!!

Madagascar Word Search Puzzle (For Kids)

Here is a Madagascar word search featuring words related to the Madagascar movie. The number of words you need to hunt for is just 10, making it a small Disney word search puzzle. The list of words is Madagascar, sid, animated, Disney, orchid, lemur, island, fossa, aye-aye, Africa. Look keen for the words in all directions, including the diagonal and reverse directions.

Madagascar Word Search

Madagascar word search answers are here to help your little champs crosscheck if the answers are correct.

Madagascar Word Search Answers

Madagascar Word Search Puzzle (Character Names)

Searching for some fun Disney worksheets? You are at the right place. Here is a Madagascar Word Search Puzzle featuring 15 Madagascar characters, including the penguin from Madagascar! The list of words you need to hunt for is Melman, skipper, private, lemur, Rico, Kowalski, Julien, Maurice, Gloria, mason, nana, Marty, mort, fossa, Alex.

Madagascar Word Search

Madagascar character names word search answers are available here for you.

Madagascar Word Search Answers

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