Disney’s Moana Worksheets

Moana Worksheets

Here is a list of Moana worksheets that can let you wake your fun and creative side and you can also use them as worksheets for the buffs of Moana or other animated movies produced by Walt Disney. These worksheets are free for you to print and the answer keys are available for each of the worksheets.

The story of Moana is quite interesting and encouraging for the watchers to be daring and truthful to themselves. It revolves around a teenage girl named Moana, who starts a mission through a voyage to save her people. She once meets a demigod named Maui, who guides her to become a pro-way-finder. They together sail through the ocean and go on an action-packed voyage. during their sail, they encounter a variety of monsters and a lot of obstructions. On the way to the destinations, she gets to discover her ancestors and her own identity. She comes back to the island, and the movie ends with her grandmother telling her to leave the island to follow her dreams if that is what her heart says!!!

Moana Characters Names Word Search Puzzle

Here is a word search puzzle featuring 12 words related to the story of Moana. This Moana character names word search puzzle is suitable for kids of kindergarten and above grades. The words hidden in the grid are Moana, Te Fiti, Maui, Pua, Motunui, Sina, Tui, HeiHei, Kakamora, Tamatoa, Te Ka, Tala. Watch out for the words hidden in all directions including in the direction.

Moana characters word search

Here is the Moana characters word search answer key. Use it in case you need it.

moana characters word search answers

Moana Inspirational Quotes Scramble Puzzle

The watchers of the movie Moana can witness a few life lessons like one’s family is the most important aspect of one’s life and it is okay to be different in your own way. The movie also envisages some bitter truths of life which tell you that it is important to face your fears to survive and following what your heart says is the best way to lead life. We picked up a few inspirational quotes from the movie Moana and used them to design a sentence scramble puzzle for you. Unscramble the sentences and write the answers in the space provided below each Moana Inspirational Quotes scrambled sentence.

Moana inspirational quotes sentence scramble puzzle

Moana Inspirational Quotes Scramble Puzzle answers are here for you to use in case you need to check if your answers are correct.

Moana inspirational quotes sentence scramble puzzle answers

Moana Word Search Puzzle

We have used 14 words related to the movie Moana to design an interesting word search puzzle for you to have fun ion weekend. Hunt for the words and circle them in the arrangement. Watch out for the words hidden in the reverse direction. The words hidden in the grid are Fisherman, Heart, Godmother, Chicken, Hei Hei, Pua, Pig, Coconut, Reef, Sail, Ocean, Fishhook, Moana, Island.

moana word search

Moana word search answers are provided here for you.

moana word search answers

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