Disney’s ‘The Incredibles’ Word Puzzles

The Incredibles Word Puzzles

Hey, y’all!! We have created these ” The Incredibles” word puzzles in an effort to make your weekend a better one or you can also use these free printable worksheets for conducting engaging and interesting activities for your students at school.

The series of “The Incredibles” is a set of two stories so far and the third one is yet to release in the year 2022 by Walt Disney in collaboration with Pixar. The story of the first part revolves around a man named Bob Parr and Helen Parr who were once superheroes. After a few operations, due to some reasons they were banned by the government and were forced to lead normal lives along with their two children. One day, he was summoned for an assignment and he agrees to go there without their family knowing about it. Eventually, he realizes that he fell in trouble and his family, i.e; his wife elasti girl, daughter Violet and son Dash, who also have superpowers, had to revive their powers and come to the rescue. The story of the second part of it goes another way around when elasit girl is assigned a job to make people fall in love with superheroes again and eventually fall in trouble. Bob Parr and their three super children come to elasti girl for the rescue.

The Incredibles Character Names Word Scramble Puzzle

Given here is a word scramble featuring a list of character names of the movie ” The Incredibles”. The number of the words for you unscramble is 15. Unscramble the words and write your answers in the space provided beside each word.

The Incredibles Word Puzzles 1

The Incredibles Character Names Word Scramble answers are here for you to use if needed.

The Incredibles Word Puzzle 1 Solution

The Incredibles Crossword Puzzle

We have curated this crossword puzzle with The Incredibles as its theme using various words related to the movie. The clues for finding the word are given below. Use them for solving the crossword and write your answers in the boxes allotted for each word.

The Incredibles Word Puzzle 1

The Incredibles Word Puzzle 2 Clues

Here are The Incredibles Crossword answers provided for you.

The Incredibles Word Puzzle 2 Solution

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