Tarzan Word Puzzles

Tarzan Word Puzzles

Here is a group of word puzzles based on a beautiful and engaging tale produced by Walt Disney Pictures. These Tarzan Word Puzzles can make a great evening for cherishing the memories you have with watching Tarzan or reading the book during your childhood days.

The plot of “Tarzan” revolves around a boy who was brought up by a set of apes and other animals in the wild and remote forests of Africa. He grew up to be a handsome man and the story continues.

And one day an expedition team from the British enter the forest in which Tarzan was living. A duo of father and daughter was also a part of the team and they encountered Tarzan one fine day. After a few days of interaction with them, Tarzan realized that, like Archimedes and Jane i.e; the duo of the professor and his daughter, he is a human too. And the story continues while depicting the struggles that Tarzan was facing between the reality of the urban civilization of man and the forest-based upbringing by his gorilla mother i.e; Kala. The story ends up with a scene portraying the confession of the love of Tarzan and Jane upon each other and they lived happily ever after.

Tarzan Sentence Scramble

Here is a sentence scramble featuring a few dialogues from the story of Tarzan. All you have to do is remind yourself of the movie and the dialogues in it, unscramble the scrambled sentences and write them down in the space provided below each scrambled sentence.

Tarzan Word Puzzle 1

Here are the Tarzan sentence scramble answers. Use it for reference.

Tarzan Word Puzzle 1 Solution

Tarzan Plot Word Search

Here is a task for you!! We picked up 17 words from the plot of Tarzan and used them for designing a word search puzzle for you to have fun. Read the plot carefully and hunt for the words hidden in the grid. The words hidden in the grid are childhood, portraying, Walt Disney, Archimedes, upbringing, happily, memories, cherishing, expedition, professor, interaction, gorilla, Tarzan, confession, handsome, daughter, remote. Watch out for the words hidden in the reverse direction.

Tarzan Word Puzzle 2

Tarzan plot word search answers are provided here for your convenience.

Tarzan Word Puzzle 2 Solution

Tarzan Character Names Word Scramble

Here is a word scramble curated using 8 character names from the story of Tarzan. Unscramble these words and write your answers in the space provided beside each scrambled word.

Tarzan Word Puzzle 2

Tarzan character names word scramble answers are here for you.

Tarzan Word Puzzle 3 Solution

Hope you enjoyed solving the puzzles, here’s more…

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