Candlemas Word Search

Candlemas Word Search

Thinking about how to celebrate Candlemas? We have curated this set of Candlesmas Word Search for you to celebrate the auspicious Candlemas Day in a pleasant ambience at home with family members. You can also use these word search puzzles as worksheets for your children or students at school to teach them about the history, purpose, and importance of celebrating Candlemas Day.

These word search puzzles are designed to be free of cost and easily accessed. The word searches here in the article are made with different and unique themes like the vocabulary used on Candlemas, various activities that can be conducted on the occasion, etc. make sure to try them all and check for the answers if your get stuck somewhere.

Celebrate various occasions using our word search puzzles made with various interesting themes.

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Candlemas Vocabulary Word Search for Kids

Here is a Candlemass Vocabulary Word Search For Kids designed using 10 words related to the occasion of Candlemas. The words are arranged in vertical and horizontal directions. The words hidden in the grid are blessing, candle, celebration, Jesus, light, Mary, Massacre, Pure, Sunday, Tradition.

This word search is suitable for kids of kindergarten to 3rd grade.

Candlemas Vocabulary Word Search

Candlemas Vocabulary Word Search Answers are attached here for you.

Candlemas Vocabulary Word Search Answers



Candlemas Activitites Word Search

Thinking to plan the coming Candlemas in an interesting way? Well, we are here to help you. Here is a Candlemas Activities Word Search featuring various Candlemas traditions and activities that can come in handy on the occasion of Candlemas to keep your kids or guests engaged.

The words are hidden in all directions including the reverse direction. The words hidden in the grid are praying, candle, Christmas tree, knitting, storytelling, singing, crepe making, baking, decoration, tea party, dancing, crafting. This word search is suitable for the kids of 3rd grade and above.

Candlemas Activities Word Search

Candlemas Activitites Word Search Answers are here for you to crosscheck.

Candlemas Activities Word Search Solution

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