Easter Sudoku Puzzle

Easter Sudoku Puzzle

Sudoku is a number based puzzle where 9 digits are to be placed in a 9*9 grid such that all the 9 digits fit into 3*3 grids that compose the whole of 9*9 grid. In other words, you need to make sure to use each of the 9 digits in each of the 3*3 grids without repeating the digits. In these Easter Sudoku Puzzles given below, the digits are replaced with letters of a word.

How about solving these sudoku puzzles for a game on an Easter Sunday or use this as a fun activity for your kids or students while you teach them about Easter? These sudoku puzzles are specially designed for you to have fun during Easter or so you can teach your kids more about Easter. These sudoku puzzles are free of cost and printable. The solutions for these sudoku puzzles featuring Easter as their themes are attached below.

Easter Sudoku Puzzle 1

The puzzles below are included with one 9*9 grid and four 6*6 grids.

The words used here are as follows: Sprout, Basket, Spring, Tulips are used to design the 6*6 grids as these words have 6 letters each. The letters used to design the 9*9 sudoku puzzle are of the word Ducklings which has 9 letters.

This sudoku puzzle is suitable for third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades.



The solutions for the puzzles included here are attached here for you to cross-check while you solve them.

Easter Sudoku Puzzle 1 Solution



Easter Sudoku Puzzle 2

This Easter-themed sudoku puzzle is designed with 4 letters of the word “Hunt” in a 4*4 grid. Fill the grid with the letters of the word Hunt i.e; H, U, N, T while you make sure to not repeat any of the letters in each row, each column, and within each 2*2 mini grid.

Easter Word Sudoku 2

Here are some more sets of puzzles for you to solve and have fun. The puzzles below are free of cost and printable.

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