Easter Word Scramble

Easter Word Scramble

Word Scramble is a word-based puzzle where a list of words is taken and the letters of each word are scrambled. All you have to do is guess the right word by unscrambling the jumbled letters and write the words in the place allotted for each of those words.

The name “Easter Word Scrambles” is revealing that these word scrambles are designed with Easter as their themes. Unscramble the jumbled letters of a few words related to Easter in these puzzles to solve them. Using these puzzles to teach your kids or students to make them learn more about Easter or to just have fun would be a great idea for this Easter party. Happy Easter to y’all!!

The solutions for these word scrambles are given below for you to print free of cost.

Easter Word Scramble 1

This Easter Word Scramble is for you to print for free of cost. The Easter Bunny here decorated a few eggs with words and letters related to Easter. When he tried to deliver them, they got a little scrambled. Help him unscramble the words and find the answer to his favorite bunny riddle. Find out the words and write them in the place allotted for each of them.

This word scramble is suitable for second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth grades.

Easter Word Scramble 1


The solution for the easter word scramble is given here for you to check your answers.

Easter Word Scramble 1 Solution


Easter Word Scramble 2

This Easter word scramble is made especially for the students and kids of first, second, third, fourth grades.

Try to unscramble the letters and match them with the right spelling for the words given in the Easter basket.

Easter Word Scramble 2

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