Mulan Word Search Puzzles And More

Mulan Word Search Puzzles And More

Mulan 1998 is an adventure musical animated film produced by Walt Disney Pictures. These Mulan Word Search puzzles and more such interesting word puzzles like word scramble puzzles, fallen phrase puzzles, etc., are curated specially for you to have fun over a weekend with family members. The themes used for curating these Disney puzzles are the Character names of Mulan, Mulan quotes, Mulan vocabulary words, etc. Our Disney word puzzles come as a package, i.e., the answers for each of the puzzles are attached for you to crosscheck if your answers are correct. Try them all!!!

Mulan Summary

Take a look at the Mulan summary before you dive into the fun of solving our Disney puzzles. This story of a young girl talks about her struggles to replace her ill father’s position in the Chinese military to save his life. Mulan is single for her privileged family that lives in a patriarchal realm. Being a girl, Mulan is not technically qualified to be trained for serving in the military. However, she disguises herself as a man and joins her fellow trainees for the training. Eventually, she gets an opportunity to fight for countering the Hun invasion with the help of her dragon companion named Mushu. The story also depicts the love story that bloomed between her and a captain along the way. Make sure to solve our Disney puzzles online and prove your love for Disney movies!!

Mulan Word Search (Character Names)

Here is a Mulan Word Search featuring 12 Disney Mulan character names. The twelve words used for curating this Disney word search are Hua Li, Hua Zhou, Chein Po, Matchmaker, Ling, Cri Kee, Yao, Chi Fu, Shan Yu, Mushu, Li Shang, Mulan.

The character names in this word search are arranged in all directions. This word search is suitable for the kids of 2nd grade and above.

Mulan Word Search

Mulan Word Search Answers are provided here for you to crosscheck if the answers are correct.

Mulan Word Search Answers

Mulan Word Search Puzzle

Here is a Mulan Word Search Puzzle designed using 15 vocabulary words related to the Mulan movie. The fifteen words used in this Disney movie word search are love, cricket, horse, honor, necklace, little brother, bravery, china, dragon, sword, dog, emperor, war, Fa Mulan, Father, Mushu, Yao, Shan Yu.

The words in this word search are arranged in all directions and are suitable for the kids of 4th grade and above.

Mulan Word Search Puzzle

Mulan Word Search Puzzle answers are provided here for your convenience.

Mulan Word Search Puzzle Answers

Mulan Word Scramble Puzzle

Solving a word scramble on the weekend with your kids is a lot of fun!! This Mulan Word Scramble Puzzle is right here waiting for all the Disney animated movie fans. There are 12 scrambled words in this Disney scramble. Make sure to unscramble the words and write the answers in the space provided for each word.

Mulan Word Scramble Puzzle

Mulan word scramble puzzle answers are right here for your help.

Mulan Word Scramble Puzzle Answers

Mulan Fallen Phrase Puzzle

Here is a Disney fallen phrase waiting for you!! This Mulan Fallen phrase Puzzle featuring one of the best Mulan Quotes is right here!! The letters of the phrase on the board fell on the ground. Solve this fallen phrase by putting the letters back in the correct order.

Mulan Fallen Phrase Puzzle

Mulan fallen phrase puzzle answers are provided here for you.

Mulan Fallen Phrase Puzzle Answers

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