Valentine’s Day Word Search

Valentine’s Day Word Search

Did you know that the names of two men who were executed by Emperor Claudius were Valentine’s? The origins of modern-day love and the celebrations date back to the 3rd century AD. It is interesting to know that today’s valentine’s day celebrations are linked to the history related to Emperor Claudius II of the third century, Pope Gelasius I of the fifth century, the romanticization of some dark history by Shakespear, industrialization in the New World, etc.

Well, I was about to find the link and an internet link with word search puzzles popped up. Valentine’s day is about spending time with loved ones, so why not use these word search puzzles featuring words related to Valentine’s day celebration for having fun. These Valentine word search puzzles are free for you to print and the answers for the puzzles are attached below each puzzle for you to use for crosschecking your answers.

Valentine Word Search 1

This valentine’s word search is a great way to have fun on Valentine’s day. The words hidden in the word puzzle grid are love, loneliness, valentine, dinner, hold hands, party, dancing, letters, sweets, card, romance, roses, whisper, flowers, date, couple, hearts, movies, kiss, flirt. The number of words for you to hunt is twenty. Mind you that the words are hidden in all directions, even in reverse.

Valentine Word Search 2

The solution for the same is attached here for your convenience.

Valentine Word Search 2 Solution

Valentine’s Day Word Search 2

The words hidden for you to hunt for this valentines day are: adore, affection, arrow, be mine, beloved, boyfriend, candy, champagne, cherub, chocolate, cupid, darling, dearest, flowers, gifts, girlfriend, hearts, hug, I love you, kiss, love, pink, poem, red, romance, roses, sweetheart, valentine. The number of words hidden is twenty-eight. find them all to celebrate February 14th in an interesting way. Keep in mind that the words are hidden in forward, upward, downward, and reverse directions. Search for the hidden words like you do to search for your valentine!!

Valentine Word Search Puzzle 1


The answer key for the word search puzzle given above is attached here.

Valentine Word Search Puzzle 1 Solution

Valentine’s Day Word Search 3

Look in all the directions (even in reverse) like you do to search for your valentine. The number of words hidden in the grid is thirty-six. This word search puzzle is suitable for third, fourth, fifth, sixth grades and homeschool students.

Valentine Word Search 3

The solution for the word search puzzle featuring words about Valentine’s day is attached here for you to print.

Valentine Word Search 3 Solution


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