Easy Spring Word Search

Easy Spring Word Search

Print out the easy spring word search for younger kids and beginning puzzlers. We have kept these word search puzzles easy so the kids will be encouraged to continue and try more of our puzzles. Try these simple and easy to solve word search puzzles just to have fun during spring or as worksheets for your students or kids while you teach them about seasons. And why not start preparing for next season Easy Summer Word Search.

The Spring season is when the trees begin to grow new leaves when the weather becomes warmer. It is that part of the year that makes everyone feel happy and joyful after those coldest days i.e, winter. Spring arrives during different months in different countries across the world. The season of spring is all about the flowers blooming and the animals usually breed during this time of the year. The most important part, i.e; the crops that took a lot of farmers’ hard work will be ready for the harvest. Happy spring-ing and happy puzzling to you!

Easy Spring Word Search 1

This easy spring-themed word search puzzle is all yours to print and have fun with. The words hidden in this puzzle for you to hunt are April, Pasque, flowers, raincoat, daffodil, easter, galoshes, chick, eggs, latch, puddles, leaves, hatch, lamb, slicker. The words are hidden in all directions even in reverse. Search for all the words and circle them in the grid. The number of words is fifteen.

Easy Spring Word Search 1

The solution for the above puzzle is given here for you to crosscheck.

Easy Spring Word Search 1 Solution

Easy Spring Word Search 2

This is a small-sized word search puzzle with spring as its theme. This puzzle is suitable for the students of kindergarten, first, second, third, fourth grades. Happy Spring !!!

The words hidden in this word puzzle are bird, bud, egg, flower, lamb, net, rain, spring. The number of words is eight.

easy spring word search puzzle

Your smart kids must have found all the eight words. The solution for the puzzle above is given here just to check if their answers are right.

spring word search solution

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