Gratitude Word Search Puzzles

Gratitude Word Search Puzzles

Being ready to send in some appreciation and return kindness to someone who’s done something good for you or having a quality of being thankful for something that’s happened to you is an important trait to have. This is called gratitude. One such occasion to celebrate the gratitude in you is Thanksgiving. The attitude of gratitude is nothing but making it a habit to express thankfulness in all parts and paths of life for both big and small good things that happen equally.

Gratitude Word Search 1

This free printable gratitude word search is a great way to teach your kids how to be grateful for all the good things like pets they have, grandparents who adore them, the laughter, the music they listen to, the perks of mother nature that they enjoy, their previous birthday celebration, etc that happen to them and to improve the attitude of gratitude to them.

Words in this word search puzzle are hidden in different ways. Some are to be found from front to back, some from back to front, and a few are hidden diagonally. Make sure to use your sharp eyes to find them all to finish it. The answer key for the puzzle is also attached so you can use it to check on your findings.

The 37 vocabulary words covered in this puzzle are: animals, bed, birthday, books, car, challenges, dad, earth, family, flowers, grandparents, health, hearing, heart, home, ice cream, jokes, laughter, lungs, mom, moon, music, nature, oxygen, popcorn, rain, reading, school, shoes, sight, smell, stars, sunshine, taste, teacher, touch, and vacation.

Gratitude Wordsearch Puzzle

Below is the answer key for the above gratitude word search puzzle. Use this in case you get stuck while you are trying to solve it.

Gratitude Word search Solution

Gratitude Word Search 2

This cute and creative gratitude word search puzzle can be a gentle reminder for you to be grateful for all the good things that happen to you and for good people around you. Words in this puzzle are hidden from left to right, in reverse, and also diagonally.

It is important to be grateful and thankful for all the good friends you have, for the previous autumn that you enjoyed, for the last holiday you had, or even for the pumpkin pie you had last night for dinner. Try solving this word search puzzle and remind yourself to be thankful for a lot of good things in life before you enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday.

Words hidden in this gratitude puzzle are: appreciate, gobble, autumn, gracious, celebrate, grateful, decoration, holiday, delicious, pie, dessert, pumpkin, dinner, special, family, stuffing, feast, Thanksgiving, friend, turkey. The number of words is 20.

Gratitude Word Search 2


Here is the key to the puzzle that is above in case you could not find one or two of them.

Gratitude Word Search 2 Answer Key

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