Thanksgiving Cryptograms

Thanksgiving Cryptograms

A cryptogram is a word puzzle that has a small piece of encrypted text. The difficulty level for a cipher used in a cryptogram is easy. The most commonly used ciphers are substitution ciphers, where every alternate letter is substituted by a different letter or number. Thanksgiving is a national holiday in countries like the US and Canada, to commemorate the quality of appreciation and gratitude for all the positive things that have happened in the previous year.

These printable cryptograms are designed with thanksgiving themes and the solutions for them are attached below. Solving these free cryptogram puzzles is interesting and also they might help you and your children or students get an extra piece of knowledge about the thanksgiving feast. Try them and remind yourself to be thankful for everything you have.

Thanksgiving Cryptograms 1

Centered on quotes about Thanksgiving, here are three cryptograms. Each one is a replacement cipher (each letter has been replaced by a new letter consistently) and the solution key for each one is different.

They, as well as the solution, are free for you to print and use as you wish.

Thanksgiving Cryptogram

The solutions for all the three quotes arranged as cryptograms in the above thanksgiving puzzle is given here. Use it to check your answers.

Thanksgiving Cryptogram Solution

Here are some more thanksgiving puzzles like word search, crossword, and scramble. Try solving them and share them with your students and loved ones so they can enjoy their thanksgiving too.

Thanksgiving Word Search

Thanksgiving Crossword

Thanksgiving Word Scramble

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